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Take Action

Ending Violence Association of BC

Offers free education and training for non-profits in British Columbia

Phone: 604-682-8820   Email: 


Me Too Mining Association’s DIGGER Training Program

A tool to empower workers to intervene when inappropriate workplace behaviours happen to them or in their presence. 


StandUP Teams™

Delivers customized training that is relatable and relevant to everyone who attends. Gives a safe place for attendees to learn and practice skills to “see something, say something.” You can access the StandUP Teams™ office lunchroom poster about bystander training”

Vesta Social Innovation Technologies

Providing technological tools that give survivors control over their process and help them regain their voice. Working on the development of a platform dedicated to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.​

Rubin Thomlinson LLP

Offers real-to-life training for HR professionals, managers, and internal counsel in workplace investigations and workplace human rights.

Organizations Doing Work in this Space

AFP Women’s Impact Initiative 

Assessing, addressing and highlighting specific challenges that women in fundraising face


Canadian Women’s Foundation

Building a gender equal Canada by funding programs that address four urgent issues: gender-based violence, economic security, girls’ empowerment, and inclusive leadership.


Next Gen Men

Creating spaces to engage, educate and empower men and boys about gender equality


Total System Failure 

An independent research project on abuses of power, systemic harassment, and cover-ups in the humanitarian aid, development, and NGO sector. Includes a form where you can share your story.


Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

Advancing the substantive equality rights of women and girls through litigation, law reform, and public education


Rosa is Canada's first national digital platform centralizing the laws around sexual harassment; breaking down information about what to expect if you report, how to protect yourself and how to prepare.

The Respect Group

Empowering people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD) through interactive, online training courses.

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