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a day of education around sexual harassment of fundraisers

3 in 4 women in fundraising have experienced sexual harassment. 7% of men have experienced harassment.  LGBTQAI+ and racialized fundraisers experience severe forms of harassment of abuse.
AFP Workplace Climate Survey

You are not alone. 

NDOC is a virtual day of conversation to raise awareness and educate about the issue of sexual harassment in fundraising.

Everyone has a right to feel safe at work.

Yet fundraisers are in a uniquely vulnerable position when meeting with donors, board, members, and other key members of the community – often alone.  
We want to help everyone feel safe at work.  

Join us in creating safer sectors!


This conversation is open to everyone.  Whether you are a front-line fundraiser, a manager, or a board member, there is content for you.  Please join us to learn more about how you can help create safer sectors. 

join us

Participate in our online conversation

Join the conversation on November 30, 2022

Host a conversation at work

Consider hosting a lunch and learn discussion at your office shortly before or on the day of NDOC.

Speak to leadership and/or HR

Speak to your leadership to review organizational policies, procedures, and support systems.

Join the conversation on social

Click here to download our social media tools and key messages.   Be sure to tag posts with the hashtag #NDOC2020!

Photo credit: Robert Short/CBC

Photo credit: Robert Short/CBC


Resources for Fundraisers

You are not alone. Find support for your physical and emotional well being and know your rights.

Resources for Organizations

Change starts by creating workplaces that are safe and that respond to harrassment in meaningful ways.


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